In addition to environmental hazards, automobiles have significant impact on human health. Cheaper availability of access to automobiles have forced people to use their private vehicles like cars and bikes even to local destinations rather than walking or cycling. It not only serves as a good exercise to the body but also reduces the cost of maintenance and fuel. There is a great deal of air pollution that is reduced by commuting on a bicycle rather than a fuel powered automobile. In 2008 the US produced 1.6 million billion metric tons of waste mining ore for automotive production. A total of 14,000 pounds of carbon is produced in the production of each hybrid vehicle. In addition, these cars have nickel hydride batteries which are known carcinogens which have shown to cause a variety of teratogenic effect. An element which can disturb the embryo or fetus.

Cycling Paths in Canada


                                                  According to iCANwalk’s Canadian Vehicle Survey, the average car emits 4 tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year. They contribute to about 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. It has been estimated that a total of 3.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emission each year can be avoided if the Canadians left their car at home just one day a week. This is equivalent of taking about 800,000 cars off the road. There are several countries which have an active cycling society on a regular basis.

                                                  Statistics from a car dependant country like America shows that transportation alone costs 20% of an Average American family’s budget. This is the second biggest cost after housing. In addition, a sedentary car dependant lifestyle doesn’t kill just the pockets but also the health. Currently, Europe has tried and tested this phenomenon and have successfully succeeded. An increase in the number of cyclists to work can further push the government agencies to improve bike zones, cycling pathways along with avenues of trees that contribute to a better air quality and urban environment on the whole.

Cyclist Parking in Amsterdam


                                                  In cases, where dependency on car is unavoidable, it can be fine tuned by carpooling for reduced cost on fuel and by opting fuel efficient cars. Currently, 12th of every October is celebrated as Ride2Work Day which has 55,000 registrations in Australia alone.

Ride 2 Places , Ride for a better life.


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