An ever increasing population with an increasing need has resulted in generation of innumerable number of wastes that would take its toll on human health and environment. Waste Management simply means transport, storage disposal and monitoring of wastes. However the term that is missing is ‘effective’. This is when sustainability comes into play. Decades back, Nations have been involved in improper disposal techniques that have been proving disastrous for the environment till now. Many developing Nations are collaborating with NGOs to deal with the waste disposal methods. The basic aim of sustainability is to cut down on the amount of waste produced (that is to prevent the waste) and if it is produed, find a way to deal with it keeping in mind the economic social and environmental goals of the nation (That is to find a good cure).


                                                  In this context, one of the effective proposals is the Waste Hierarchy System, where waste prevention forms the top of the pyramid followed by reuse and recovery methods. The bottom of the hierarchy is held by the ineffective disposal techniques like burning. It is important to know that waste management is connected with other areas as well like Urban Development, water, energy and food security. Many nations have been striving to covert these wastes into energy as part of their commitment to combat climate change. Ongoing researches on the implications on marine litter on the economy and environment has been carried out in order to devise policies to sustainably reduce them. In order to meet the costs of waste management, Advisory bodies in various Nations like Germany has been effective to implement incentive systems to avoid recycling wastes.

6.0 Waste management DSCF0030.JPG
Garbage Pickers at a Landfill Site. Image via UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)


                                                  The outcome of such approaches may be time consuming; however this is so far the most approachable sustainable methods that will cater to the economic social and environmental needs on the Nation.


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