Cutting Trees? Think again.

                                                  An overwhelmingly large area of the Earth is covered by Forests that provides home to millions of species and a warehouse to numerous other commodities for the welfare of the human species. Deforestation is an ongoing problem affecting majority of the forests in Africa, Central and South America. Deforestation simply means cutting down of trees in the rainforest for the resource at an alarming rate. This links with Climate change as plants are the only source of conversion of carbon di oxide into oxygen. Apart from the medicinal and day to day commodities that are acquired from the rainforest, there has been an increased deforestation as industries clear land for building roads and buildings to cater the needs of the modern urban sprawl. To add on to the problem, illegal logging for timber has also proved disastrous. The land is sometimes cleared for agriculture and grazing of animals resulting in fateful effects for the organisms in the forests. Like the greed of the Humans, the effects of deforestation are also long lasting. The major problem is the loss of habitat for many species, most of which has gone extinct (like the dodo).

A Koala rescued from deforestation (Image Via @ApesFinal)


Global Deforestation Map. Source: World Wide Fund (WWF)


                                                 Deforestation results in global climate change by affecting various natural cycles that drive the planet. Loss of canopies,that act as a huge umbrella, results in increase in the penetration of UV rays on the land, thereby increasing the temperature on land. This resulted in a phenomenon called global warming that has caused drastic harmful effects on every living organism. Owing to this potential harmful threat, there is an increasing need to arrive at a solution. WWF along with various countries like the Norway has already taken their first step towards creating a clearer sky. Among their innumerable measure, the notable one are the prohibition of complete deforestation by the Multinational Companies and the Government and their commitments to deforestation-free production, commodity-sourcing and financing. This has already started creating an impact in the countries that have taken an oath, creating a cooler macro environment. Spreading awareness and participating in International conferences has also helped them to combat this issue. On the other hand, some countries have also started doing their bit by planting more trees than they cut in order to keep the balance intact. Hence, there is an urgent distress call to all the Nations to abide by Zero Net Deforestation and Forest Degradation (ZNDD) protocol by WWF  to arrive at a safer place.

Norway’s Zero Deforestation Supply Chain. Image Credits – Jonathan Nackstrand via Getty Images



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“WWF – Help Fight Against Deforestation”. N.p., 2016. Web. 13 April 2016.


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