Are the droplets, of water?

                                                  The Mightiest of the oceans cover far more than what the people can see and destroying it by human activities have become greater than its Legend. Ocean Pollution literally means the spreading of harmful substances into the ocean. There are numerable factors that have resulted in this phenomenon and this has resulted in the fatality and subsequent extinction of various aquatic species. One of the most common source of Ocean Pollution is the discharge of toxic wastes from agriculture and Industries that increase the temperature of the water resulting in the inability to thrive.  Apart from this, fertilizers and untreated sewage has resulted in a deadly phenomenon called eutrophication that causes an increase in the Biological Oxygen demand; this basically results in the aquatic organisms fighting for their oxygen which keeps decreasing due to the growth of algae that consumes them all. Large Scale oil spills from Ocean mining and Ships creates barrier for the UV light to reach the deeper parts of the ocean that affects the organisms living within.

Hindu Devotees experiencing an Industrial Bubble Bath in the River Yamuna.                   Image Courtesy:


                      Apart from leaving footprints ,humans have successfully left a huge scar on the life of the aquatic animals by throwing plastic and other non biodegradable materials into the seas,which are consumed in as food by the aquatic animals. The rising levels of carbon dioxide due to the use of vehicles and air conditioners have resulted in acid rains that add on to the trauma for the ocean environment. Land Runoffs due to excessive rain and flooding has resulted in picking up of the human wastes from the land and washing it off to the ocean beds. The effect of such activities is long lived and drastic. Eutrophication has resulted in creation of danger zones like the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Toxic wastes on water can get attached to the feathers of the birds, disabling them to fly and feed their younger ones. The consumption of toxic wastes by the lowest level of organisms affects the other species in the food web, ultimately reaching the humans and causing a wide range of health issues like cancer and infertility.

Effects of Marine Pollution on Bird and Sealife. Image Courtesy: Joel Sartore


                                                  Oil spills prevent photosynthesis of aquatic plants and disrupts the life of coral Reefs. Apart from causing skin infections, infertility and metabolic disorders among aquatic animals, they also cause extinction of various species of whales, dolphins and coral Reefs. The creators of the problem know the best solution and hence it is our responsibility to bring out a solution for the safety of the Mankind and marine organisms.


“Causes And Effects Of Ocean Pollution – Conserve Energy Future”. Conserve-Energy-Future. N.p., 2014. Web. 7 April 2016.


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