In an attempt to allow the growing population to live at ease, many nations have overlooked the establishing disaster in the last few years. Vehicle, Air conditionars and aerosols have effortlessly contributed to the air pollution that has been creating holes in the atmosphere which are impossible to mend. This has caused a ceaseless vicious cycle of disrupted environment through global warming and Climate change. While Conventions and International Assemblies have been successful in bringing up papers with points of solutions, many nations fail to abide to this. Respiratory problems have become the new face of mortality throughout the world. The immunity of quite a number of population is being attacked by the pollutants that has been building up around us ever since. Apart from this, lung cancer has become one of the most common causes of carcinogenic deaths owing to the very high carcinogenicity of the minute particle that can eat up the entire body. Increasing number of health clinics and medical specialists are unable to meet the increases cases of respiratory disorders. The ability to bring a clearer air solely lies on the hands of the Government with the cooperation of the people. Starting with awareness campaigns that does get some motivation into some people, the government can ease and promote various sources of public transport.

Roadside Pollution as India Joins List Of Biggest Historical Contributors To Global Warming

New Delhi, India, on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014. Photo: Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

                                              For many of the developing countries with lesser emission standards, it is time to strengthen up the norms and increase the emission standard by using comprehensive superior technology for vehicle production. In this context, it is important to illegalize the companies that sell vehicles which runs on polluting fuels such as diesel. Beijing is successful doing so. Discouraging Vehicle use and bringing out policies like Odd-Even policy by Delhi that limits the number of vehicles on road can potentially prove useful. One could limit car parking spaces that will not only bring down traffic but also promote cab sharing and car pooling. It is important to use the smartness of the present generation to improvise on technology that uses minimal fuel to become the least pollutant. This is seen in Sri Lanka where only Hybrid vehicles (which runs on battery and fuel) are allowed to transverse. Apart from this, reducing domestic fuel consumption and appropriate waste management that does not include burning can prove useful. Lastly the challenge is to overcome the depowered pollution control board and corrupted politicians who gulp up the finance that has been allocated to better the environment. Bringing out a sustainable strategy is the need of the hour and all Nations must strive for it. If Mexico, for being called the most polluted in 1992, can bring up a cleaner air to breathe in a decade, nothing seems impossible for the other nations as well!

Similar case of Air Pollution in China’s Shanxi province



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