Climate change and Coal has become alliteration with a very close association. Even since the usage of coal as the fuel since the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century, there has been a drastic threat to the environment and the people. 3.7 million tons of Co2, 10000 tons of sulphur dioxide .10200 tons of Nitrous oxide and millions of tons of other gases are emitted just by the combustion of fuel. These numbers are not to frighten but these numbers are what are destroying the earth by bringing about climate change and global warming; the two well-knitted phenomenon that has been consuming all of that is being existent. Apart from this, skin problems, bronchitis, cancer, lung diseases, stress and learning disabilities have become common complaints among the inhabitants resulting in an increasing need for better health care sectors.

Black Smoke by burning coal

                                                    The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) in March 2009 analyzed that the health costs of burning coal are equivalent to a national health burden of around $A2.6 billion per annum. This could be double the costs of coal-generated electricity and this loss is more than mere monetary. What is worse is the role of OECD Export Credit Agencies (ECA) which funds companies to set up business overseas. They have funded US $34 Billion to develop the Coal Powered Industries. This dreadful initiative is being ironically supported by the European Union which has already pledged their commitment to reduce Climate Change. This is no more the time for greed , it is time to use the existing technology and knowledge for bringing out productive solutions. Solutions include laws such as The Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act that forces industries to reduce the release of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Australia Coal Ban

                                                                  Many countries have shifted to low sulphur Coal usage for energy which is less harmful form of the element. Technologies like scrubber can remove the sulphur before the gas from the combustion of coal is released by smoke. These could be used further in the synthesis of gypsum and other materials. Researchers on the removal of carbon, mercury and other impurities could prove useful in various Nations to produce efficient fuel energy. Lands which were used for coal mining can be replaced with airports and sport recreational centres. It is important to start driving the Nation towards a sustainable economy in order to build up a more effective environment


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IMAGE CREDITS:,. 2015. Australian Coal Ban. Image.
Getty Images,. 2016. Ban Will Cut Down On Emissions. Image.

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